We offer a wide range of constantly updated materials and colours for general interior lighting and any kind of decoration, as well as for luxury packaging and publicity.
A world of ideas to help your imagination run wild in every area. Count on us.

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Lamp shades and lighting materials

Our products can be used to make lamp shades and for general interior lighting, from small ceiling lights to large-scale murals. No other range on the market is so complete or offers so many different colour and transparency options. We aim for creativity that stands out.

Materials for decoration

Our products are used for interior decorating, making the most of the different possibilities to achieve creative effects in both public and private spaces: hotels, trade fairs, window dressing, artistic decoration, TV, theater and many others. The wide range of textures, colours, transparencies and finishes are perfect for creative results that stand out.

Luxury packaging materials

Our products can be used for luxury packaging thanks to their ease of handling, the wide range of colours and textures and the special designs that add a personal touch to the final product.

Materials for advertising, silk screen work and printing

Many of our products can be used as advertising media thanks to their ease of handling and printing, and particularly to their superb designs and finishes, which mean they can help make any advertising campaign top of the range and provide the creative difference that will stand out from other presentations using more conventional media.

Special design

Our design department works together with our clients to develop new, personalised products to suit every requirement.

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