1Can I order samples?
If you still haven’t select the type of material you need and want to see all our collections, request our complete catalogue. It is an extensive catalogue of collections grouped in 11 families. If you already have the type of material or a preferred colour, we can send you specific samples of your interest. And if you already have a fixed idea and you do not find it in our catalogue proposals, tell us and we will prepare personalized samples.
2What we call a backing support. Colours and thicknesses available
What we call a backing support Most of the light diffusers and lampshade materials we offer are materials consisting of various layers of fabrics, papers, all types of films and other materials, which are joined together by various procedures using rigid polymer films, called backing supports, which are available in several thicknesses, quality levels and transparencies. The backing support defines the mechanical properties of the articles and, especially, their transparency.


White: Translucent white colour
Opal: A translucent off-white colour (milky)
Opaque: A blackout white colour
Cristal: Translucent glass colour, with mate finish
Transparent: Glass colour, total transparency, gloss on two sides.


We normally stock 200µ, 250µ, 300µ, 400µ, 500µ and 700µ in the various colours.
We have supports composed of different polymers, flame retardant or in self-adhesive version. Of course, it is also possible to laminate our components on any other type of backing support not mentioned above, such as wood, methacrylate, cardboard, etc. Please enquire about the possibilities in each case.
3Can I visit your company?
Visiting our company is a good way to find out about our materials for professionals from the various sectors. Samples can be prepared and taken away during the visit. A creative dialogue can take place in order to lay the foundations for the development of new articles. Visits must be arranged beforehand to ensure that our clients receive the attention they deserve. We are unfortunately unable to receive visits from private customers, as we do not sell to end users. If you are a private consumer, please contact your usual supplier.
4Hidden backing supports
The backing support in the final product is often not visible, hidden among the other components. This creates a great deal of design opportunities, with laminates on two sides in various colour combinations, combinations of plain and printed fabrics on the inside and outside, gold and silver finishes, etc. The design possibilities are so extensive that customized products are developed during a process of creative dialog to find the most appropriate solution. Don't hesitate to ask us.
5Means of supply
Our laminated materials are normally delivered in rolls 25 metres long and between 120 and 150 cm wide, although these figures may vary significantly between materials.
Most of our articles can also be delivered as follows:

- Strips of any width cut from a roll 125-150 cm wide.
- The same strips can be adhesive on one side
- Pieces cut according to the client's plan using a high precision cutting plotter
- The same pieces with marks (split) to facilitate folding and assembly of shapes.

Please ask about any other type of presentation or finish.